Mahreen Mahmud
7,000 - 17,500 Tk / Month
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North South University (NSU) A Level O Level
Usually responds in 6hrs
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I want to help my students learn not only for the sake of studying but also for their knowledge. I myself like to learn new things every day. I can be time flexible but not during my exams. One can say I care about my students too much. Honesty is something I would prefer from both the parties, which is from my student and myself. I would expect my student to understand that I might not be always in a great mood to teach. I like to be punctual and expect the same for my student

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North South University (NSU) (2018- Ongoing)


A Level Credentials not submitted

Earth House (2017)

Business Study

O Level Credentials submitted

Mastermind (2015)

Business Study

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Class 4
Bangla, English, English Literature, General Knowledge, Geography, History, Islamiat, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies/ Bangladesh Studies, Spelling & Dictation
Class 5
Bangla Language, Bangla Literature, Bangladesh Studies, English Language, English Literature, General Knowledge, Geography, Science
Class 6
Bangla Literature, Geography, Science
Class 7
Accounting, Bangla, English Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Religious Studies / Moral Science
Class 8
Accounting, Bangla, Commerce, Economics, English Language, Mathematics

Class 3
Bangla, English
Class 4
Bangla, English
Class 5
Bangla, English
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