S.m Rayhan Ebney Bashar
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North South University (NSU) HSC SSC
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My teaching style depend on students' condition.Online and offline class are offered from my side but during this pandemic online class will be available now but offline teaching will be offered after this pandemic COVID19. Google Class Room,ZOOM,Skype,Digital Materials for teaching are available in my hand and i am dedicated to my students for preparing there home assignments and others. Results of my students are good but its completely depends on his/her effort and also my instruction.Students must be read,understand the topic and students should be ask question to the teacher of any kinds of questions.I thinks "ask question and answer" will the key of good result of a student.Students also should be curious about others knowledge out side of books and also need to gather some experience of skill developing items(it can be anything else). A good teacher also need some things that will be help student to gain a good result. Critical thinking,Patience,Communication,Organization,Imaginative thinking,Leadership,Teamwork,Time management,Technological skills,Conflict resolution are need to be a good teacher. Education is the backbone of a nation and teacher are the builder of a nation.

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North South University (NSU) (2018- Ongoing)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

HSC Credentials submitted

Khulna Public College, Khalishpur (2015)


SSC Credentials submitted

Khulna Public College, Khalishpur (2013)


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English Language, Science
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Religious Studies / Moral Science
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English Language, Religious Studies / Moral Science

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Biology, Chemistry, Physics
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