Syed Riyadh
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North South University (NSU) HSC SSC
Usually responds in 6hrs
About The Tutor
For me Tutoring is an Art. I always try to make a very friendly relation with my students. I always told them, I am not a typical tutor. I always believe that a good tutor can change a student's lifestyle. A good human is much more valuable than a good student. From my experiences I can help my students to become a better human being. I have some unique tutoring strategy. Creating pressure to the students is not my style because I believe that, when you are in good mood, you will do your best. Tutoring students is a great responsibility, but it can also be one of life's most rewarding experiences. However, just knowing a lot about a subject area doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a good tutor. To help students reach their potential, you have to assess each one's needs and goals individually. With your individualized attention, any student can improve their understanding of difficult material. When first getting to know my students, I need to gauge what they already know, so I don't waste time in my sessions. Ask the student what they're good at and what they most enjoy about the subject I am working on. I always let my students speak open-endedly about the subject and show off for me. It will make the student feel smart and validated while letting me figure out what material they've already mastered. Students are often quite aware of their weaknesses. They know what types of questions they consistently miss on quizzes, or what parts of class lectures make no sense to them.

University University is verified

North South University (NSU) (2018- Ongoing)


HSC Credentials not submitted

Chittagong govt. City College (2017)


SSC Credentials not submitted

Nasirabad Govt.high School Chittagong, Khulshi (2015)


Preferred Locations
Baridhara Dohs, Bashundhara, Dhaka Cantonment, Gulshan, Mirpur, Mirpur Dohs, Nadda, Niketan, Nikunjo, Uttara
Preferred subjects

Class 4
Bangla, Bangladesh & Global Studies, Mathematics, Science
Class 5
Bangladesh & Global Studies, ICT, Mathematics, Science
Class 6
Bangladesh & World Identity, ICT, Mathematics, Science
Class 7
Home science, ICT, Mathematics, Science
Class 8
ICT, Mathematics, Science
Bangladesh & Global Studies, Chemistry, General Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, ICT, Physics
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