Sheik Rafiqul Islam
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Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) HSC SSC
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I am Sheik Rafiqul Islam.Once I'm clear on what the task or project is, I'm good at determining the best way to accomplish it.I believe there is value in collaboration.Integrity and authenticity are important to me. I do what I can to continue to improve and be the best I can be at whatever I do.I am confident in my ability to produce results. Of course, situations happen when the results aren't ideal, and when that does happen, I do my best to tip the hat in a positive direction.By taking responsibility for my actions and results, I have the ability to make the choices necessary for a better outcome or results the next time around. Pointing fingers or playing the blame game is not productive.I strive to do the best I can for whatever task is presented to me.I believe it's important to continue to grow and learn. I'm always looking for opportunities, like webinars, seminars, and classes, that can help me learn and grow at work and in my everyday life. I also like to ask questions and don't have a problem following up to confirm I've understood something correctly. We all see things through our own perspectives, and I try to understand what that perspective is for others so we can communicate well.

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Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) (2018- Ongoing)


HSC Credentials submitted

Notre Dame College, Motijheel (2016)

Business Study

SSC Credentials not submitted

Saint Joseph's High School, Khulna Sadar (2014)

Business Study

Preferred Locations
Kallanpur, Mirpur, Mirpur Dohs, Mirpur-1, Mirpur-10, Shyamoli
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Class 5
Agricultural education, Bangla, English, Mathematics
Class 6
English, Mathematics
Class 7
English, Mathematics
Accounting, Bangladesh & Global Studies, Business, Economics, English, General Mathematics, Religion & Moral Studies
Bangla, Economics, English, Management
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